Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Special Plan

(written a long time ago, but added to my blog today)

We hear it a lot... that God has a special plan for our life.

It is obvious to me that the plans God has are special. He is special, so it only makes sense that His plans would be as well.

But really.


How can such an overused word not fall short in explaining and describing the plans that God has put in place for His creation!

From before He began His marvelous work of creation, His plans included me.  Those plans included the fact that I would sin, and that He would provide the cost, the payment, of that sin.

Special just does not do justice to provisions like that, to plans like that.

But what word would you use?  I can't think of any.

None, not a one, zero, zilch.

And, isn't that what you would expect from a God who is Himself indescribable?

So I will just rest in the knowledge that He loves me and cares for me...
in ways that are indescribably special.

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