Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Random Thoughts on Writing

Writing is something that I do.

I do it for many different reasons.

I write because I like using a pen.

I know what you are thinking. I mean, who doesn't like a pen?

In my defense, it is kind of a hobby passion; the collecting of pens.

I have some that I like because they are unique, like the Venetian glass pen or the African Porcupine Quill pen.  Some have special memories attached to them, like the one from the hotel in Disney World, or the one my husband gave me when I was about to start taking notes in church one Christmas morning.  But it is more than my love for a pen that spurs this love of writing.

I like the mechanics of writing, forming letters.

I love the way curves and lines form words.

And I love words!

I love silly words, big words, short words and I love combining these words to form thoughts.

And I really like to think.

I think about all sorts of things.  I think about big things, small things.  I think about temporal things and eternal things; about people and places I love and about the One who loves me more than I deserve.

But my thoughts can get lost sometimes.

So I write...

When you want to get your thoughts together, what do you do?

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