Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doing What I Enjoy

I started this Blog partly because I love to write.

When you love to write, you look for any opportunity to put words down.
And you use any flat surface that will accept the writing of a pen.
I  used a lot of different things to write down my thoughts.  I have my written words in spiral notebooks, journals, bits and pieces of paper and in word documents on my computer.

Some of those thoughts have been lost.  That kind of thing can happen when you write on receipts, take-out menus, that sort of thing.  What I really wanted was a place where my thoughts could be found.

Finding those thoughts has become more important to me with each passing day, since most of these days, I forget I ever had those thoughts!!

When I put this blog on hold, I never dreamed it would be this long before I would get back to it.

But I am here now, for what it is worth... and I am writing.

For my enjoyment.

For my fading memories.

Because I love to write!

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