Sunday, April 10, 2016

When You Can't Hang on to Familiar

After the celebrations end, 
there are some things that can be a little rough for a new bride.

Especially when the adventure takes place in a setting away from home.

There is something that you may not have prepared for...
An unexpected loss of familiar.

We started our life together by moving on the day after the wedding.
Our new home was four and a half hours away. 

Now, I am well aware that four and a half hours is not far,
but to me it was a world away from the things where I found comfort.

Things I was accustomed to that were just simply gone.

Favorite spots.

Even the grocery stores around us now had unfamiliar names!

Little details, yes.  But familiar little details.

The life before, the life that I took for granted.

Add to that the physical absence of a support system.

Family and friends who were no longer a few miles down the road.

There was after all, no facebook.  

And now just a phone call away carried pretty hefty long distance fees
especially for newlyweds on a tight budget!

At first all of the "new" made everything even more of an adventure.

Finding new places that would now be "our" spots was exciting.

Intriguing to explore the new surroundings together.

As long as we were together this new life was nothing but an adventure.  

Did I mention that I had a husband who was frequently sent to work in other places 
... away from home.

Away from me.

Of course, we were able to find a new support group in friends at a new church.

It was a huge blessing as well when I found older women who mentored me.

But all of that came later.  Community like we had known does not happen overnight.

And being alone at that time was a huge change to the life I knew.

A house with four girls can be a chattery place.

When Bud was gone, the house resonated silence.

Being by myself made the silence more intense.

So I filled the silence with music.

Music has always been a healing balm.
And now it became a healing balm for my lonliness.

And one song in particular stood out.  

It was sung by Danny Gaither, Bill Gaither's brother.
An old hymn called "O Love that Will Not Let Me Go".

The arrangement moves slow and his voice is beautiful
and the words filled the empty spaces in my heart
and pointed me to Jesus.

Always choose songs that point to Jesus.

Just recently I found a new arrangement of this song by Indelible Grace.  It is not so slow. 
Instead of a peaceful tone, it takes on a more joyful one.
I really like it.

The story of the hymn  brought a fresh perspective 
and made the message of the song new for me again.

A timeless message for loneliness... as well as the struggles of days yet to come.

God loves you and you are not alone.

His presence can change any situation you face.

His nearness always has been and always will be our good as we lean hard into His love.

The words for this song were written by George Matheson 
and it was written at a time of intense loneliness for him.

Written on the night of his sister's wedding.

A beautiful tribute to a good God whose love never ever ends.

So check out this hymn and its story and let it remind you.  

God loves you.  He has you.  You are not alone.

If you know the pain of loneliness or you have found yourself in unfamiliar territory.  

If you are living life without the support system of friends and family you had grown so used to.  

If you are way outside of anything resembling a comfort zone.

Jesus knows where you are and what you are going through.  

He knows the hairs on your head and every healthy or rogue cell in your body.  

He holds you tight in his hand and He will not let you go.

He is never ever ever ever going to leave you.

He loves you that much.

So thankful that George Matheson got it
and wrote ...


The lace bobbin used in the pictures was made by Anthony Archer and purchased when I lived in England during the 80's.  The message on this bobbin may have been inspired by a quote in the corner of a movie poster for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", but for me it spoke loud clear of this hymn that had meant so much to me and still does.
"We are not alone"


Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.
Ps. 23:4

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