Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Great Lizard Race

The Great Lizard Race is on!
And I am possibly the most delighted spectator.

The participants in this race are mostly little lizards.  Some of them are so small, they could barely have started walking much less racing!

About once a year this strange event occurs and I only have to take a few steps to observe. 
It takes place right across our front walkway.

I discovered it by accident, because the race has turned our front path into an obstacle course for

There is no warning, no way to anticipate when and where the next little lizard will exit as it
darts out of the grass, across the walk and toward my house.

Their instructions, it would appear, are just to run, so that is what they do.

Curiously, each one always making the dash in the same direction.

I can see no cause, no reason to make sense of this madness.
No great predator to bring about such a reaction.
No rewards handed out at the end.
Just the run.

It makes no sense at all that I can see.

If I could get to their level, maybe then it would make sense to me.

If I could somehow see their situation eye to eye? 

Perhaps it is that my view of their situation is too large? 

Or maybe they run like they do because their view is so limited?

Sometimes I run through life that way, looking at my own situation with my perspective limited to
the only way I understand things.

The way I think things should be.

As if my perspective of a situation is the only one that matters.

Lord… help me remember that my view of things?
It is just the smallest part of the world that you see.

There are many people, many situations.
Many needs.

Help me not to be so wrapped up in my own views, opinions, needs and wants, my own fears and disappointments that I miss opportunities to help those You have placed in my path.

Help me avoid conclusions about someone else’s pain based on my experiences or from the small world of knowledge within which I move.

Help me remember that I am only a part of your huge plan.
However… I am a part.
And no part in your story is too small to you.

When my life starts to look like a lizard in a great race, remind me that I have a Guide.
Help me remember that you know everything about me and about this race that I run.
Help me look to you and Your Word for direction.

Help me refocus what I am doing.

Eyes off me… Eyes on You and eyes on the needs of others.

If I am running just to keep up with a crowd, even if the crowd is a good crowd, show me my wrong motives and help me change direction.

If I need to slow the pace down, show me that too.

But if I need to run like the wind?
Your grace? Your nearness?  Please.


Psalm 105:4
Seek, inquire of and for the Lord, and crave Him and His strength (His might and inflexibility to temptation); seek and require His face and His presence (continually) evermore.

Seek and require His face and His presence... 


When God gives a task, don't worry if the task seems small or unnecessary.

Just be certain that He is the one directing your steps.

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